Melissa graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in English and Asian American Studies, despite her parents’ cries of inevitable starvation.

After 3 years in publishing and inevitable starvation, she left New York and started clocking in from 9 to 5 as a Social Media Specialist and Content Writer for a large e-commerce in Texas––that is, until she started daydreaming about setting her cubicle on fire.

Not terribly skilled with matches and frankly afraid of fire, she left Texas and found her way to the Bay Area––a gem of a place where beef isn’t used as a cure-all and President Obama isn’t referred to as “that Muslim”––and currently functions as a freelance writer, magazine editor, and production designer.

Melissa’s biggest disappointment in life thus far (you know, besides Texas) is getting bronchitis and finding that it was not a new pet dinosaur.


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